"I like to chug liquor, specifically scotch. My doctor said this is a horrible idea and I should probably stop, but whatever! Anyway, I am writing to thank you guys for creating The Hangover Cure. I always had horrible hangovers as a result of my drunken party lifestyle until I discovered The Hangover Cure from a friend. I have never taken anything that works this well for preventing hangovers."
Nathan, University of Texas at Dallas
“I was one of the original testers of THC-The Hangover Cure back in December of 2006. It enabled me to party like I have never partied before with no hangover in the morning. I could drink as much as I wanted and as long as I had THC, I was ready to go the next night. I think there was a span of five or six days in a row where I used it before bed after heavy drinking and was fine in the morning. It is a miracle product.”
Keith, University of Texas at Austin
“My boyfriend gave me some THC at a kegger after I had thrown up from drinking too much. I barely remember drinking it but I made sure I finished it before I passed out. I woke up feeling great and I drank way too much that night. If I had not drank THC I would have felt completely awful!”
Kelsey, University of Oklahoma
“I take The Hangover Cure every night before bed after I have been drinking, even a few beers at a bar after work. I have to wake up early and can’t afford to be hung over while dealing with clients (I do face to face sales) so it really is a life saver.”
Tony , Texas Tech University alum
“Last weekend, my friends and I went out for my buddy’s bachelor party. Before we even left the hotel, I had four beers and three big pulls of cheap tequila. Great way to start the night right! Anyway, I had another two beers, drank a double gin and tonic, then a dark Irish beer, a shot of whiskey and some kind of strong mixed drink, I don’t really remember much after that point, I think I had a few more beers. I did manage to drink a Hangover Cure before bed, and that is after a ton of drinking, and it really helped out the next morning, especially considering I was mixing a ton of different alcohols in my body. I need more!”
Bryce, University of Arkansas
“I don’t usually drink enough to get a hangover, but when you were in town promoting with free samples I decided to get drunk and try your product out. It worked really well, I took it at the end of the night like you said and woke up feeling much better than I should have."
Pete , Texas A&M
“8am classes were a death sentence for me before I tried The Hangover Cure, you guys are the reason I am still in college.”
Taylor , Oklahoma State University
“Ok, so I tried The Hangover Cure stuff you guys were promoting at the bar the other night and it is the miracle hangover cure!!! Last weekend, I split one vial with my roommate and it worked pretty well on me - but last night, I mixed an entire vial in water b/f I went to bed about 2am (after a LOT of drinking...) and I woke up at 7:30am chipper and rearing to go. No hang over in the slightest - not even dizzy or tired. And I always have a touch of a hang over, even if I drink one glass of wine. So, where can I get The Hangover Cure in Dallas ?!”
Laura from Dallas , Texas
THC - The Hangover Cure. The most awesome invention in the history of the entire world.
The first and only all-natural hangover cure on the market today that actually works. Don't even think about using it
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