About The Hangover Cure

THC-The Hangover Cure. Nothing like it. Ever. THC-The Hangover Cure is a specially formulated powder blend of electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutraceuticals that safely prevent every symptom of a hangover, guaranteed.  Just open a vial, mix the powdery goodness of THC-The Hangover Cure in water and drink before bed. While you sleep, THC-The Hangover Cure goes to work, kicking your hangover's sorry ass back to hell before it even has a chance to ruin your morning.  THC-The Hangover Cure comes in convenient, airtight vials that easily fit in your purse or pocket, or that sweet forest green fanny pack your Nana and Papaw got you for your birthday; perfect for hangover relief any time.


THC-The Hangover Cure was created out of necessity by college students who drink way too much to prevent even the worst hangovers. THC-The Hangover Cure was not meant to be taken after two ultra-light beers at a Coldplay concert before calling it a night at 9:30. And don't take THC-The Hangover Cure if your idea of a good time on a Friday night is watching The Notebook again over a glass of white wine and "reflecting" on your life by candle light. In fact, do us a favor and stop reading this right now. Seriously. Just stop.


If you like to party, you need THC-The Hangover Cure. All the cool kids are doing it. Unless you actually enjoy feeling like ninja assassins karate-chopped your head all night. In which case, don't cave in to our peer pressure. Still not convinced? Buy THC-The Hangover Cure today and we will throw in a free pair of USA sweat pants to sweeten the deal. Yeah, that's not a typo, FREE USA Sweat Pants!!! (Note: promotion not valid after 1991)
THC - The Hangover Cure. The most awesome invention in the history of the entire world.
The first and only all-natural hangover cure on the market today that actually works. Loaded with more vitamins, minerals and electrolytes
than anything on the market. If you are afraid to party, you are in way over your head right now. Please take your sissy little tea party elsewhere.
THC-The Hangover Cure fits easily in your pocket, purse, fanny pack or man purse and doubles as a compact throwing star during bar fights.
You do get in bar fights, right?
® THC - The Hangover Cure. All Rights Reserved.
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